Showcase Aftermath

Last week was a very lazy week for me as it was the first week that I didn’t have dance practice everyday since the semester started! On Saturday the 21st of March, Mayuri had a showcase in Goodhart auditorium, which went extremely well! Although we had a bit of a rough start, it ended better than I had expected. During the first piece we performed, we had a slight mishap with the music and we had to repeat a few of our steps to fall back in time. Luckily, it wasn’t too noticeable, and although we were slightly put off, we were able to push through with our second piece and overall finish successfully.

We all had such a wonderful time performing and really appreciated that so many amazing people came out to support us! Without all those who came being such a supportive audience, the show would not have gone down as well as it did. If you weren’t able to come out to the show, we will be posting the videos of our pieces on our YouTube channel, so you can go over there and check them out! Below are some pictures from our performance as well!


Overall, I am so happy and proud of our performance; we have been working so hard all year for our show and it has been so amazing to hear all the feedback and finally have been able to see the final product of all our efforts. It was such a surreal experience to have finished the show and, during our final bow, I really felt the sense of community and school spirit at Bryn Mawr from all the wonderful people who showed up to support us. This Friday is possibly our last performance of the year and it will be at Temple University for an event called Salaam Namaste 2015: The South Asian Carnival. If you are in the area, you should definitely stop by, as we will be performing my favorite piece of our repertoire and it will be a very fun time!

Surviving Midterms

It is the middle of the semester and, of course, that means midterms. Whether that consists of exams, papers, or both, this is a very stressful time for every student. On top of all that, mother-nature seems to have her own plans for us by sending ice and snow storms, which make getting to class extremely difficult, not to mention dangerous! Of course everybody has their own way of getting through this rough time of the semester, but this week I thought I’d share with you some of the ways that I do (or rather try to).


1) Making a Schedule:

Taking classes, participating in clubs, maintaining a social life, and sleeping a healthy amount each night can be super tricky to balance, but making a weekly, or even daily, schedule has really helped me to use my free time wisely and set attainable goals for each week. I use Google Calendars and even schedule study and sleep times so that I can make sure not to over work myself while also not procrastinating my work until the last minute. Knowing what my day will look like before it starts really helps to take some of the stress away.


2) Calling my parents:

When I get stressed, I also get pretty homesick and calling my parents usually does the trick to make me feel much better. My mom always knows what to say in order to lower my stress level and my dad can always make me laugh even when I’m in the worst of moods.



Anyone who knows me knows that I am a HUGE cookie fan, and by fan I mean that I can literally enjoy any and all types of cookies. By now I have memorized Erdman’s cookie menu rotation and let me tell you, those things have definitely lifted my spirits in the midst of dark midterm times. For example: on Monday there’s the oatmeal raisin. Although it’s not my favorite, it’s a great Monday cookie because it’s sort of healthy so you don’t feel too bad about eating it, but it’s still a cookie! On Tuesday’s they serve chocolate chip- it’s a classic and you can’t go wrong with a classic. On Wednesday there’s the sugar cookie to sweeten up the middle of the week and pull you through that long stretch. On Thursdays we get peanut butter cookies that are not too sweet and are perfectly nutty. Finally, on Fridays they serve chocolate chip again but let’s be honest-it doesn’t matter what kind of cookies there are because it’s FRIDAY!


4) Gym time:

Going to the gym may seem like it would take up valuable study time, but it’s a great way to lower your stress level and maintain a healthy balance between work and health. When I get super stressed and start to feel swamped with work, I make a point to work out, even if only for 45 minutes, to sweat out my extra worries. When I get back, I always feel less stressed and ready to tackle my studies. Plus, working out also helps me to get better sleep at night and feel more well-rested in the mornings.


5) Friends:

Even though it may sometimes feel like it, you are never alone in the midterm struggle. Everyone is going through taking exams, writing papers, and putting together projects, and it really helps to know that your friends are there with you. I know that I wouldn’t be able to pull through those late night study sessions without my friends at my side studying along with me!


All in all, although midterms can be a super stressful time of the semester, there are always ways to make it better. These are just a few of the things that I do, but hopefully they can be of help to you should you feel that this year you might not make it through. Remember, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

A Mayuri Reflection

So, this week I decided to write a blog post for the first time, as what I want to talk about is a little more serious. For those of you who don’t know, I am a part of a dance team called Mayuri. We are Bryn Mawr’s only South Asian fusion dance team and we perform at culture shows on campus, at other colleges in the area, and this year we are having a showcase during the spring semester. This is my third year on the team and I have to say that my Bryn Mawr experience would not be what it is had I not joined the team. My teammates are my best friends and my family. We do everything together, from practices and performances, to weekend brunches and late night library study sessions. This year we started with 9 girls on the team and unfortunately we only have 5 now. It’s never easy to see members leave, but it’s understandable as school always comes first and sometimes it gets hard to make time for anything else.


Mayuri Team Photo 2012-2013 (My freshman year)

End of 2013-2014

Mayuri 2013-2014 (The end of my sophomore year)


Mayuri Team Photo 2014-2015 (This year/my junior year)

Last year we had the same issue, but a bit later into the year. We had started the year off with 12 dancers and ended up with only 7 girls by the second semester. Since then, we have felt that certain rumors and gossip have been spreading around campus about us and our team, which has been very hurtful and stressful. We all love what we do and we don’t want anyone to think that we pressure others to work harder than they are comfortable with or expect unreasonable hours from our members, because we don’t. Yes, we happen to spend a lot of time dancing and hanging out, but that’s only because we are such good friends and truly enjoy each other’s company! We do expect a certain level of commitment, however, but it’s nothing unreasonable and nothing that Mayuri’s dedicated members have not been able to give. When you really love to do something, spending hours doing it with the people that you love isn’t a chore. In fact, it becomes a stress reliever and a time to relax, have fun, and still have accomplished something by the end of the day. It has been confusing for me because I feel like we have not found a way to express this to our new members for two years in a row and I can’t help but think that it is something that we, as the executive board of Mayuri are doing wrong. I guess at this point in the year the only thing we can do is move on, work towards the performances we have, and discuss how we can improve our team to avoid these issues next year.

These past few weeks have been hectic as we have three performances coming up and have had to switch around some of our choreography to accommodate for the loss of three dancers. I have to say that even though we’ve had some rough moments this semester, I am incredibly excited for our performances.  On the 15th, we are performing at Dhwani, Villanova University’s Grad School’s Indian Students Association’s annual show and then the week after that we are performing at Villanova Undergrad’s Indian Students Association’s annual show on the 22nd, and at Haverford for the Bi-Co’s Fall Student Dance Concert on the 23rd. We have all worked so hard to make sure that we perform our absolute best and I could not be happier with how well we are doing; I am so proud of our work and how well we have been able to bounce back from our losses. Through it all we still have so much Mayuri Love!